Close People?
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According to official statistics, every third Belarusian woman lives in a situation of physical, psychological or economic violence. Every year, the third part of all serious crimes in Belarus are murders committed in the family...

What in fact hides behind these numbers? What can each and every one of us do to change things? Can we be sure that we ourselves will not become victims of violence in close relationships? How would you respond to a case of domestic violence? Would you call the police? How do family and friends support violence by ignoring and silencing it? How to cope with the physical and mental injuries suffered by victims of violence?

The stories told during the performance are based on the interviews with women who have experienced domestic violence, lived for some time in the Shelter, received rehabilitation assistance, and managed or have not managed to arrange their lives after quitting the aggressor. Telling the truth about violence in close relationships is a difficult but an important step on the way to healing. Our performance not only gives a voice to the victims but also creates a space for discussing this problem.

Playwright — Liokha Chykanas
Director — Valentina Moroz
Project Manager — Anna Kazakova
Sets Designer — Ekaterina Chudnaya
Costume Designer — Andrey Chesnokov
Video — Kacia Chekatouskaya
Design — Nastya Stalmahova

Cast: Nastya Stalmahova, Kacia Chekatouskaya, Polina Pitkevich, Anna Lavnikovich, Irina Averina, Pavel Andreev, Artem Lobko.