"HERE WE LIVE" is a work-in-progress about social, financial, gender and other forms of inequality and discrimination in Belarus.
Do you remember that bad boy Kolya, who constantly called you bad names and hid your things in primary school? Or nasty Yulya who ruined your life in high school? Moreover, you surely have some reasons to hate Svetlana Pavlovna, that terrible biologist who said you would not even manage to become an office-cleaner.

Certainly, when you graduated and the adult life began, you thought that you could finally relax. However, suddenly the boss decides that he can harass or humiliate you, and your colleagues are professional gossipers and create an unbearable atmosphere in the office. Then you seriously face a system of health care, justice, or law enforcement, and it turns out that it is difficult to solve health problems or to advocate your own rights in court.

And just imagine that in this non-ideal system you differ from the others: in your skin color, appearance, physical condition, social status, sexual orientation — and face inequality and discrimination constantly.

Is it possible to change current situation? Can everyone be equal? How strong do we really want it and are we ready to give up our own privileges? What society do we want and will live in? It depends on each and every one of us. Or not?

Playwrights — Liokha Chykanas, Kacia Chekatouskaya, Valentina Moroz
Director — Valentina Moroz
Project Manager — Anna Kazakova
Sets Designer — Ekaterina Chudnaya
Costume Designer — Andrey Chesnokov
Design — Nastya Stalmahova

Cast: Nastya Stalmahova, Kacia Chekatouskaya, Polina Pitkevich, Anna Lavnikovich, Irina Averina, Pavel Andreev, Artem Lobko, Alexandra Bobkova, Pavel Mikhalenia, Bahdan Khmialnitsky.